Almost Married

tentAt the recent Hekkert family camping trip to Tahoe, Carl’s family surprised me with this sign on my tent! Last year, they decorated my tent with streamers for my birthday. I wonder what they’ll do next year??

ringsOlivia and Laila are equally excited about the big day. When I was talking with them on the phone recently, Laila said, “Do you wanna know a secret?” Sure Laila. “You’re going to marry Carl.” I almost forgot, so I’m glad she reminded me. 😉 Here’s Olivia and Laila showing off their engagement rings… but unlike mine, their rings have blinking lights.

Double Digits!

cwvDm9asA3Lw9bM2Abl5etGTAgHappy 10th Birthday Olivia! Welcome to the world of double digits. Life just gets more and more exciting now. Just please don’t go and get a bowl hair-cut like I did when I was ten. Bad idea. I love you!

The 38BX Express

I had some helpers get me on my bus this morning… thanks to Olivia, Laila, Boo and Matt. I did get passed up by several express buses because they were so packed this morning. I eventually squeezed onto the 38BX Express Bus, and as the doors closed, I heard a little voice yell “Bye Nini!” Everyone on the bus looked at me from their half-awake Monday glow, nodded, and then went back to reading their papers and listening to their i-Pods. For me, it was a great way to start a Monday.

The 3-Year-Old Veterinarian


As many of you know, one of the saddest parts of me moving up here was that at the same time I was moving… Matt, Sarah, Olivia and Laila moved from the Bay Area to Pasadena. We literally traded places. So tonight I called my nieces to check in and find out what they were going to be for Halloween. I think I heard Laila correctly.. but she is 3, and says pretty funny things. Well, she told me that she’s going to be a vet, and that she’d hold her stuffed animal puppy. How cute and creative is that? And.. Olivia is going to be a pirate, which I think is pretty cool. Wish I could be with them for the trick-or-treating!