How to Protect Your Noggin

Our little dude has had a rough month landing on his noggin with this new walking business. Once the swelling goes down on one of his bruises and scrapes, bam… another one appears. We figured there’s gotta be a way to protect that sweet noggin of his. Introducing, for the first time ever, the Super Fantastic Noggin Sweatband Protector.

Available in white only, for a limited time.

3rd Annual Baer Tennis Whites Classic

After a brief hiatus last year due to a ball boy tennis academy, the 3rd Annual Baer Tennis Whites Classic has resumed. The theme this year would make John McEnroe proud… headbands (or other crazy head-gear).

Our fantastic ball boy… that is, when he didn’t have a graham cracker in each hand. Thanks buddy.

Giggle Award

In the 3rd grade, when I was in Brownies, we had a big end-of-the-year award celebration. While others were getting awards for things like humility and service, I, on the other hand,  got the Giggle Award. Guess I passed on that gene.

Twelve-Month Musings

All of the cliches have proved to be true. Time has flown by. He’s grown up so fast. Our little buddy is now 1!

We had a great day celebrating him with family in our back yard. Our pastor friend, who married us, was also able to perform a dedication ceremony for our little guy as well… followed by some serious chocolate cake eating. Not a shocker. The boy loves chocolate.

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Since he’s not toddling around quite yet, I’m hoping I can still call him my little baby for a bit longer. I guess I should really be calling him Christopher Columbus as he goes on various expeditions and explorations throughout the house. I basically just follow behind him with my childproof locks and screwdriver.

As any good parent would do, I gave him another cupcake the day after his big party. It’s a big accomplishment to turn 1, and must be thoroughly celebrated. Carl was thinking of getting me a trophy, but instead he’s sending me out with girlfriends to celebrate my mommyhood.

Eleven-Month Musings

My “restful” days as a Mom are over. Okay, I can’t say the previous days have been restful, but I did get to sit from time to time. We have a crawler now. A true, legitimate crawler. And this boy can move. He giggles and pants his way all over the house, ¬†opening drawers, the broiler, pulling down the shower curtain, bee-lining it for Sutter’s water dish, and rolling trash cans down the hall. And he is determined to try it again and again and again. The whole “redirect” thing just doesn’t work.

He’s far from being fluent in English, but he has added a few words to his vocabulary. “Uh-Oh” “Oh Wow” “Oww” and of course, “Da-DAH.” How about you give the Mama some love? It’s pronounced “Ma- MAAA.” I’ll keep working on it.

This is his look to the future pose, as he considers turning 1. Do you remember taking that pose for senior pictures? I adamantly refused taking this pose during my college senior picture session, but the photographer forced me. Really? Yes, he forced me. I could still be sitting there in the portrait studio had I not complied.

10-Month Musings

Our little monkey would much rather be standing, jumping, or doing his army-crawl-swim maneuver than just sitting in one spot with a toy. I knew this day would come. Granted, he isn’t a fast crawler. Yet. Am I a bad parent if I’m not helping him learn how to crawl on his hands and knees? I figure he’ll get it soon enough and I should enjoy him moving at a slow speed. Right?

He’s also full of tricks, and he knows it. Sometimes we’ll get the triple trick in one sitting, which is the bye-bye wave, shaking his head “no,” and moving his tongue up and down on his lips to make the “lubba-lubba-lubba” noise. He loves to laugh at himself, and with us too.

And to add to his embarrassment as a teenager, I couldn’t help myself but take this shot of him now that he’s in the double digits. Sorry little dude, but the bunsies are too cute.