5 Years and All that is Good

wedding prayer

Before I crawled into bed last night I discovered an envelope waiting for me on my pillow. Inside was a card that read, “Today I am reminded of all that is good in the world.” It was the perfect ending to our weekend away together to celebrate our 5 years of marriage.

Five years have come and gone. Already.

In the first year of marriage we crammed in a job change, adopting a chocolate lab, a house remodel, and a pregnancy. (We figured, why not put a new marriage to the test with some high stress?) We paddled our way to the other side to the land of a newborn and sleep deprivation and days upon days of feeling like you’re at the first day of a new job with no training manual. We tore out our kitchen in the middle of toddler mayhem and camped out in our own home. We’ve traveled on planes and trains and road tripped and camped.

We’ve reached mountaintops and breakthroughs in learning how to love and communicate with one another and we’ve waded through seasons of being misunderstood and going through the motions, too tired at the end of a long day to figure things out. We’ve experienced the hopeful anticipation of another child and the unexpected loss three times. We’ve looked up searching for answers. We’ve held hands. We’ve celebrated and relished in the miracle of our little boy. We’ve laughed. We’ve teased. We’ve danced in the living room.

It’s good to be reminded of all that is good in the world. It’s important to look back, to see how God was faithful. Our wedding day is a testament to the faithfulness of God. God heard our prayers, our longings, and God answered that prayer in the relationship we have today. It’s good to remember, even on the mundane days, on the days I don’t feel very loving, that my husband is the provision of God. One of God’s greatest gifts for me, planned out long ago. So, today, I choose to look at him and be reminded of all that is good in the world. A reflection of God’s goodness, grace, and mercy.

“I will look back and see that you are faithful.
I look ahead, believing you are able.” – Elevation Worship


3 thoughts on “5 Years and All that is Good

  1. Oh this is beautiful in every way. I just stumbled across this today and I love it! You’re the best Marls.
    (Ps- that photo made me cry!)

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