Timing the Tears


I’m finding that as a Mommy I can’t always engage in my emotional state when I need to or want to because I often just need to hold things together for my busy toddler. I can do this most days, but right now it’s an effort. A friend and I were talking yesterday about when to time the tears when we just need to let down, let the stress roll off our shoulders, cry out for help during a trying season. It’s an interesting concept to set aside time to cry and grieve. It’s another reminder that as a Mommy, my time is no longer my own. Well, except nap time. But as soon as I put the buddy down for his nap, it’s not like I can just say, “ok… grab the Kleenex. Let it out.” It feels awkward to be so pre-meditated with my tears. But I know that bottling up emotion won’t be healthy for me either… as evidenced by the lovely zit forming on my chin. It’s easier for me to keep busy, check things off my to-do list than to deal with everything that life throws your way.

But when I heard this song, it almost made me drop to my knees. It’s my heart’s cry right now. The words pierce me to a point where I need to stop what I’m doing, open my hands, and surrender yet again. This has been my nap-time song lately. As awkward as it is, this song has helped me time my tears, and remind me of the eternal hope I have, even in the midst of a difficult season.


7 thoughts on “Timing the Tears

  1. Do I get the song to play? Loved what you wrote. You need me to hang on to when you “let it all out!” That is my job as your mommy!


  2. Thanks for sharing this song and this part of your life with us. Yes, it is a perfect nap time song! ….and…I’m sorry there are tears to let go.

  3. This is beautiful…love it. Hey, we BOTH have chin zit issues right now so good thing we’ll be chatting Friday! Maybe we’ll leave our time together with clear skin?! 🙂 xxo

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