Battle of the Carls

Ever since I met Carl, he has lamented about how his name has been dragged around in the mud by less than appealing characters in the movies, TV, and commercials. I didn’t really believe him, but then he had his defense all lined up. “How about the movie Fargo, where Steve Buscemi plays kidnapper Carl Showalter?  Or how about Billy Bob Thornton who plays the troubled Karl Childers in Sling Blade?” And, then, there’s the crotchety old man Carl Fredericksen from the movie Up. Now that I’m aware of his name abuse, I’ve noticed that 90% of the time when there is a man’s name mentioned in a commercial, the man’s name is Carl.

But I say in response, how about Carl Lewis? You know, one of the fastest men on the planet?

Well.. this past weekend, Carl got to meet Carl. The fastest man (Carl Lewis) got to meet the fastest cycling man on Saturday (my Carl) who was the first to cross the finish line for the 100 mile fund-raising ride for the Best Buddies Challenge from Carmel to Hearst Castle. So, I think I win the argument that it’s not so bad to be named Carl after all.

3 thoughts on “Battle of the Carls

  1. Carl, I can totally relate. Martha Dumptruck from the movie “Heathers” anyone? Martha the Talking Dog, from children’s books? And speaking of dogs, the Beatles song “Martha, My Dear”…written about Paul McCartney’s dog. Oh…and the Martha in the Bible…always given a bad rap for wanting a tidy house when The Most Important Human in the Universe comes for a visit. Harumph.

  2. Don’t forget Carl Spackler from Caddyshack (Bill Murry character), Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron (his friend) as well as Carl in The Simpsons. There is even a new movie coming out called Carl about “A disillusioned factory worker who is tormented by hostile coworkers and haunted by strange visions as he pursues a coveted promotion.” Awesome. can’t wait.

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