3rd Annual Baer Tennis Whites Classic

After a brief hiatus last year due to a ball boy tennis academy, the 3rd Annual Baer Tennis Whites Classic has resumed. The theme this year would make John McEnroe proud… headbands (or other crazy head-gear).

Our fantastic ball boy… that is, when he didn’t have a graham cracker in each hand. Thanks buddy.

3 thoughts on “3rd Annual Baer Tennis Whites Classic

  1. So adorable. You all looked great. Noah is wonderful…and Olivia and Leila are gorgeous. I know you must have had a great time together. Love you all to pieces. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Phil

  2. What fun! YOu make our cheeks smile so big…but not as adorable as thooose Noah cheeks! FAther and son picture is a classic and the ball boy pic is priceless! What wsa he thinking at that moment, anyway? OUr family pic is another one for the crazy books! Smile!

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