Twelve-Month Musings

All of the cliches have proved to be true. Time has flown by. He’s grown up so fast. Our little buddy is now 1!

We had a great day celebrating him with family in our back yard. Our pastor friend, who married us, was also able to perform a dedication ceremony for our little guy as well… followed by some serious chocolate cake eating. Not a shocker. The boy loves chocolate.

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Since he’s not toddling around quite yet, I’m hoping I can still call him my little baby for a bit longer. I guess I should really be calling him Christopher Columbus as he goes on various expeditions and explorations throughout the house. I basically just follow behind him with my childproof locks and screwdriver.

As any good parent would do, I gave him another cupcake the day after his big party. It’s a big accomplishment to turn 1, and must be thoroughly celebrated. Carl was thinking of getting me a trophy, but instead he’s sending me out with girlfriends to celebrate my mommyhood.

3 thoughts on “Twelve-Month Musings

  1. I think he is waving at me in the end :-)….chocolate runs through the “van den boom” veins… this is not strange to me….I like your stories. Bye from a freezing Holland Caroline

  2. He certainly is cute and is growing so fast. Martha is looking forward to seeing you in the next day or so. Have fun and be sure she takes lots of pictures.

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