Eleven-Month Musings

My “restful” days as a Mom are over. Okay, I can’t say the previous days have been restful, but I did get to sit from time to time. We have a crawler now. A true, legitimate crawler. And this boy can move. He giggles and pants his way all over the house,  opening drawers, the broiler, pulling down the shower curtain, bee-lining it for Sutter’s water dish, and rolling trash cans down the hall. And he is determined to try it again and again and again. The whole “redirect” thing just doesn’t work.

He’s far from being fluent in English, but he has added a few words to his vocabulary. “Uh-Oh” “Oh Wow” “Oww” and of course, “Da-DAH.” How about you give the Mama some love? It’s pronounced “Ma- MAAA.” I’ll keep working on it.

This is his look to the future pose, as he considers turning 1. Do you remember taking that pose for senior pictures? I adamantly refused taking this pose during my college senior picture session, but the photographer forced me. Really? Yes, he forced me. I could still be sitting there in the portrait studio had I not complied.

2 thoughts on “Eleven-Month Musings

  1. How in the world did you get those “ones” to stick on his face?! Glad you also had a picture showing how gorgeous he is full face…even though he’s gazing off. I want to see your sr. pic with that look!

    Love you lots!!

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