10-Month Musings

Our little monkey would much rather be standing, jumping, or doing his army-crawl-swim maneuver than just sitting in one spot with a toy. I knew this day would come. Granted, he isn’t a fast crawler. Yet. Am I a bad parent if I’m not helping him learn how to crawl on his hands and knees? I figure he’ll get it soon enough and I should enjoy him moving at a slow speed. Right?

He’s also full of tricks, and he knows it. Sometimes we’ll get the triple trick in one sitting, which is the bye-bye wave, shaking his head “no,” and moving his tongue up and down on his lips to make the “lubba-lubba-lubba” noise. He loves to laugh at himself, and with us too.

And to add to his embarrassment as a teenager, I couldn’t help myself but take this shot of him now that he’s in the double digits. Sorry little dude, but the bunsies are too cute.


3 thoughts on “10-Month Musings

  1. LOVE that photo 🙂 Might have to copy that one for a photo shoot someday.
    CUTE 🙂 I Look forward to meeting him in person someday soon.

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