Thankful Lil’ Pilgrim

It wouldn’t be my kid unless there was a costume involved on every major holiday, right? I’m sure glad I didn’t disappoint you! We didn’t give much of a history lesson, but he did enjoy his turkey puree (mmmm) and gumming one of the hot rolls.
We also wrote down things we were thankful for on the “Thankfulness Rocks.” We did this with my Mom’s side of the family on the last Thanksgiving we shared with Grandma. It’s so special to pull out that rock every year to see what she wrote. I sure do miss her.
We got to be extra thankful the following day for the traditional turkey enchiladas with Sarah’s side of the family. Carl and I love this tradition – yummy food, great people, and a beautiful view of the ocean in Santa Cruz. Can’t beat it.
Our lil’ pilgrim especially wants to give thanks for his cousins.

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