Trepidation with Tradition

When I think about my favorite tradition for Thanksgiving, it has to be Grandma’s hot rolls. Flaky, buttery goodness, with another dollup of butter and a drop of honey = Thanksgiving happiness. When Grandma passed away, my Mom was up for the task of making everyone’s Thanksgiving dreams come true. We couldn’t have a family get-together without Grandma’s hot rolls. Don’t even think about it. I never really thought about making them on my own. The whole yeast rising chemistry experiment dough thing always filled me with trepidation. But since I wasn’t going to be with my family for Thanksgiving this year, I mustered up my courage, had my Mom on speed-dial, and decided to conquer Grandma’s recipe once and for all.

And besides, the only cousin who had attempted to make this recipe was my cousin Mark. The girl cousins need to represent!

So… here it goes.

Step 1. No wonder I like this recipe. Lots of butter.


Step 2. Just added the yeast. Crossing my fingers that this will work.


Step 3. Better put Grandma’s picture next to the dough while it rises. I need all the help I can get!


Step 4. Hooray! Success. I’d say that dough doubled in size. Now for the fun part.


Step 5. See… even the dough is happy.


Step 6. After making the hot rolls, I used the extra dough to make cinnamon rolls. I brought Grandma’s picture in for this step so she can see how much butter and sugar I lathered on. I think she’d be proud.


The finished product. Yummy goodness.


7 thoughts on “Trepidation with Tradition

  1. As usual, LOVED reading the blog on this adventure! WOW!!!! You did it!!! You should be so proud! Everything looked so beautiful and yummy!! Made me drool!!

  2. YOU DID IT!!!!!! From the looks of them, anyway. How proud you must be!!!! The Betty-Crocker smile was a great touch. Mom used to smile like that unless the dough didn’t rise fast enough, the oven was on too high or she was making tham at three in the morning, which was often the case; then, she would make another face, entirely. Also, you look amazingly like Kathy. I thought it WAS Kathy for a moment, but I’m getting old so my eyesight isn’t always reliable…or it could be the triptophane and sugar from TWO Thanksgiving meals I ate today. But, serioulsy. you DID GOOD! I’m sure Mom was proud standing by, making sure you did the right thing! David

  3. Marlene! You did GREAT! Those look soooooo delicious! I could almost smell and taste them. Are you up for bringing some Dec. 23rd….? ;D
    love, Annette

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