Nine-Month Musings

This picture pretty much sums up what he’s been up to lately…putting everything in his mouth. With a dog and a baby, we’re constantly pulling things out of mouths, and being covered in slobber in the process.

He’s also started pointing at everything and whispering “Da. Da.” I guess it’s the only time in life when it’s okay to point. Now if I could only figure out a way to get him to point with a disco groove to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive”… that would be somethin.

He’s also discovering the art of gravity. As soon as I hand him anything, down on the floor it drops with a thud. Repeat. Repeat again, etc. He gazes down from his high chair, willing the object back into his hands. Anne Lamott beat me to this observation in her book “Operating Instructions” –

“He’s figuring out little concepts all the time these days, like that if something falls out of his hands, it is not instantly vaporized but just might be found somewhere on the floor. Even a week ago Sam was like some rich guy who drops some change and doesn’t even give it a second glance, but now when he drops something, he slowly cranes his neck and peers downward, as if the thing fell to the floor of a canyon.”

And, isn’t it a little early for a little baby to be saying “no?”

Great-Grandpa came up for a visit on his nine-month birthday… pretty incredible for a 95-year-old to come all this way! What a gift that was for all of us.

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