Eight-Month Musings


The boy loves water. During the squirrely 5:00 hour as we wind down the day, a bath is always the best solution. But even washing his hands is a joy for this little guy. Who knew I’d see that mindless activity in a new way? Our pea-green “retro” sink has been the perfect tub. I’ll be sad when we have to move him to the real tub… but that day is coming since he’s now crawling over and reaching for the disposal.

Okay. So, how’s the crawling you ask? Hasn’t happened yet. And that is so fine by me. But have you seen this kid roll? He’s a rolling machine. So, he gets around.

His other tricks include kissing noises with his lips puckered like a fish… but his new skill (which I think must be hereditary) is karaoke.

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