Baby CEO

Will you hire me? What are my strengths and weaknesses, you ask? Here you go..

  1. I really love paper and spreadsheets… but I mostly like to gnaw on them.
  2. I can sit up in a chair and look important…. but sometimes I crumple over on top of myself when I’m tired (so that may not look good in meetings)
  3. I love to add my thoughts to a conversation… but I sometimes struggle with volume control.
  4. I look really sharp in a button-down and khakis… but I still wet myself.
  5. I can lighten up the mood and make you laugh during these tough economic times… but I will have no solution as to how to fix the problem.
  6. I love Blackberries and iPhones… but would rather slobber on them than make important phone calls.
  7. I have really cute toes… but I don’t wear shoes, so I may be breaking the dress code.
  8. I can start work really early… but I’ll need to take a few naps during the day.
  9. I’m really good with people… but sometimes I spit up on them.
  10. I like to work as a team…. as long as that team includes my Sophie and duckie.


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