Seven-Month Musings

Let the food eating begin. Sure… we started with the standard bland rice cereal at 6 months, but the good stuff really kicked in at 7 months. I’ve been giving each new food a star rating out of a 5-star scale, along with first impressions. Here are the results:

  • Rice Cereal: 2 stars. What is this weird stuff?
  • Sweet Potatoes: 5 stars!! Why have you been holding out on me?
  • Bananas: 5 stars!! I will cry if you stop for a sip of coffee. More! More!
  • Peaches: 1 star. Gag. Stop with this tart business, lady.
  • Carrots: 3 stars. Hmm. Complex flavor. Like orange.
  • Applesauce: 4 stars. Dessert for breakie. I like.
  • Peas. 1 star. Can there be a negative rating? Blech!
  • Blueberries. 3 stars. I like it… but why do you get the coffeecake version?

And then… just like that, the little dude decided he was done with this food business and is back on an all-liquid diet. I even tried the pricey Ella’s Organic special puree pouches and he shakes his head like he’s saying “no” to cough syrup. Sigh. His pediatrician is going to get tired of hearing from me. But hey, she’s the one who signed up to be a baby doctor, surrounded by new Moms who have no clue what they’re doing.

3 thoughts on “Seven-Month Musings

  1. I tell Annie call the baby doctor and use their nurses as much as you can – we all pay and arm and a leg for health insurance and might as well get service for all the money spent! – Ramon

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