Two-Month Musings

Hi again. I’m 2 months old now. My mommy keeps kissing my cheeks and neck and she beams when I smile back at her. She always tells me that I’m her little buddy. We spend a lot of time together, but I like it best when she’s holding me.

I’ve discovered some new things… like:
– my fist, which I like to stick in my mouth (but it doesn’t work so well when I try to double fist it)
– sleeping longer during the night (my Mommy really liked it last night when I slept for 8 hours straight)
– kicking my feet (my Daddy says I’ve got rythym)
– batting at my toys on my play mat (but sometimes I get frustrated if I’m left there too long, or I just fall asleep out of exhaustion instead)
– tummy time (but I do NOT like it)
– my Vans (actually, I have no idea what these are…but my Mommy loves to dress me up in them every day)
– I can also really fill up a diaper

My Mommy has also been celebrating my 2 months by eating chocolate chips every day. She told me that they’re her power snack. I just tell her that she’s the Milk Lady.

3 thoughts on “Two-Month Musings

  1. Ohhh….. too cute ! I love this picture!
    Way to go sleeping 8 hours little Noah. Keep it up.
    Can’t wait to meet you in 2 weeks!! 🙂

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