Our Other Child

Dear Sutter,

We have not forgotten you. Yes, you now have competition for our attention, but how could we forget you?

How could we forget our first “child” when you:
– throw up on our living room rug
– jump up on our couch (human-only territory)
– hide/eat my slippers (okay, maybe you didn’t do this, but I CANNOT find them anywhere)
– leave a trail of your fur everywhere you go (and even places you don’t go… like how is it that I find your fur in our bath tub?)
– crash Carl’s laptop onto the hard-wood floor to its death
– bark at any living thing that walks by our house during the day, and the wind that blows through the orange tree at night
– sneak into our garage and drink out of the toilet
– counter surf or go on your chocolate finding hunts
– pull emergency vet visits at midnight (12 hours before I went into labor)
– whine for an hour at 3 in the morning (the first night that our babe decided to sleep 9 hours straight)
– smear your nose on our sliding glass window
– perform “security” bag searches upon entrance into our house
– eat and check, check and eat, eat and check, repeat (to make sure we haven’t left you, while dropping crumbs all over the kitchen)
– hiding gems (turds) in the backyard or burning your mark in yellow on our new lawn
– run and do your poopy dance, creating divots in the lawn
– give us your muddy snuggies

We thank you for being our silly doggie, but you don’t need to worry. We have not forgotten you.

Your tired and weary owners

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