The “P” Chronicles

I debated about calling this post by the real name, or even labeling it by what really happened (“I Peed in My Purse”), but I’m not in the 3rd grade anymore. I’m more mature than that, right?

Many embarrassing moments have occurred along the way in my pregnancy, but this is not confession time. You’ll have to ask for all of the stories in person. But for now, I’ll share at least one.

Each time I go to my OB appointment, I’m asked to bring in a urine sample. Why they ask me to do this at home is somewhat of a mystery. But I try to be an “A” student and do as I’m told. I put the full-to-the-brim sample container in its brown paper bag, slipped it into my purse, and Carl drove me over to my appointment. As I was checking in at the front desk, I reached for my wallet and thought, Hmmm… why is my wallet all wet? I then produced the evidence. A soaked through paper bag with about 2cm of its contents left in the sample.

The receptionists looked at my horrified face and laughed, saying, “Looks like someone is going to have to buy you a new purse!”

So basically, you can say I just peed in my purse. I PEED IN MY PURSE PEOPLE!

I recently discovered that I’m the talk of the office. About a month later when I came clutching my sample with a vice grip (which I no longer slip in my purse but double-bag in plastic), the medical assistant thought it would be fun to tell me about a woman whose urine sample spilled in her purse. I cocked my head and looked at her, saying, “That was ME!” Hope I’m providing entertainment for other expectant moms.

Word from the wise: screw the lid on tightly.

4 thoughts on “The “P” Chronicles

  1. I salvaged the purse! It was a purse Carl got me on a business trip to Italy, so I had to figure out a way to keep it. It needed a good cleaning anyway. 🙂

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