Lord of the Rings Baby

I’ve had two ultrasounds in the past few weeks to see how the baby is growing. Since my measurements weren’t lining up with the norm, my doctor thought it would be best to check in on the bambino. Turns out the baby is growing just fine… more than fine. I even asked the dumb question if there was a way for me to slow down the birth weight (Carl was a 10-pounder, and I don’t even want to think about what that must have been like for his mom). The radiologist even made a point of saying, “Wow, this baby has a big head.” Umm, did I really need to know this when I’m already freaking out about how I’ll get through labor and delivery? And yesterday, at my follow-up ultrasound, my doctor measured the baby’s feet because she thought they looked large (measuring in at 6cm). The babe has got some paws! It’s really too bad that they’ve stopped filming The Lord of the Rings. I feel like their description of our baby is sounding more and more like a Hobbit.

Krista – I posted this pic just for you!

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