The Bump’s Worldwide Tour

Okay, so it’s not a worldwide tour. But it sounded more epic to say it that way. For those of you who have asked for more bump pictures, here you go!

The bump goes to Carmel.
[October 2010]

The bump and the Bixby Bridge.
[October 2010]

The bump in New York City.
[November 2010]

The bump in Atlanta.
[November 2010]
*notice our names on the bricks… at Centennial Olympic Park

The bump in Pasadena, with sidekicks Augie and Martha.
[Thanksgiving 2010]

The elf on the bump.*
[Christmas 2010]
*The real name of the elf is Elf on the Shelf, but he seemed to like the bump all the same.

2 thoughts on “The Bump’s Worldwide Tour

  1. FUN! I love all the pics of the “bump”…
    when are you due?
    Labor will go ok! You” do great. I suggest doing some meditation practice before hand- I found it super helpful to meditate during my second delivery… It WILL hurt but prayer and meditation (and squeezing Carl’s hand) will help you get through it!

    You are strong and will do great 🙂
    will be praying for you guys. It’s a big transition.

  2. Nice website.
    The picture in New York city is in front of a Monet?
    It’s nice to see my cousin has such a beautiful family!
    greetings from Holland

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