While I’m editing at work, I often have one of my Pandora stations running in the background. A song kept coming up in rotation on my Swell Season station (another amazing band).  It would stop me in my editing every time and I’d click on my Pandora to see who was singing. Sara Bareilles. Her song “Gravity” showcases her amazing talent – gifted songwriter, pianist, and voice that clearly transports me from my clicking away at my computer keyboard.

I was recently telling my friend Kate about my new discovery. As soon as I said her name, she said, “Oh, I know her.” You know her music? “No, I know her. I’m friends with her sister and spent Thanksgiving with her family.” Since that conversation, Kate and I have been trying to find a date to see Sara in concert… which we did this past Thursday night. (Yes, the preggo went to a concert at 7.5 months pregnant. Tell me you’re impressed. The babe was definitely dancing around a lot during the event.)

So… here’s a plug for Sara. If anything, download her song “Gravity.”

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