I’m embarrassingly late with the last month-moon post, but it has to be written to complete our full year of month-moons! I highly recommend taking these monthly get-aways, whether they be a short day-trip or an extended weekend, just getting out of the routine can do a relationship good.

For our finale – our October-Moon – and to celebrate our one -year anniversary, we decided to go back to where the honeymoon began. Carmel. We stayed at the same hotel where we stayed for the first two nights of our honeymoon – The Tickle Pink Inn – nestled on a cliff in the Carmel Highlands. We lucked out with beautiful weather once again and enjoyed a walk on our favorite beach and eating the melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi from Casanova.

The view from our room. Yes, I asked if we could just move in.

Our favorite beach that we discovered last year!

Rating: 2 enthusiastic high-fives.

What we’d bring with us next time: Absolutely nothing. It was a perfect finale to our month-moon getaways.

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