Oh Sutter

Yes, we did what “those” people do before they have kids. We celebrated Sutter’s birthday – complete with a chocolate cake and singing. He even chimed in with some barks during the “Happy Birthday” song. We’re sure he appreciated it.

He still acts like a teenager, even though he’s 28 (4 in adult years). Good thing he’s cute!

And, he couldn’t be a dog in my house unless we made sure he had his own set of costumes, right? You can tell by the look on his face, that he really appreciates this. Sorry buddy.

Sutter-Shrek and Donkey on Halloween

Interviewing for his job as Chief Begging Administrator. You’d hire him, right?


2 thoughts on “Oh Sutter

  1. Awww Sutter Dog!
    Caleb keeps talking about him (and his poop). I think Caleb overheard our conversation about Sutter’s interesting “habits” with his poop. So funny what sticks in Caleb’s memory these days.
    Great seeing you last weekend friend! 🙂

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