For our August-Moon, I took Carl to one of my favorite vacation spots – Hilton Head Island, SC. I’ve been going there since I was 7-years-old, so there have been an accumulation of memories and traditions. I introduced him to all of my favorite things – hushpuppies, riding bikes on the beach, relaxing under a ceiling fan in the screened-in porch, southern rainstorms, admiring the hanging moss from the trees, and warm nights.

And to his dismay, I continue to introduce him to my favorite things about The Sound of Music. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you find a perfectly good gazebo? Yes, I married a good sport!

We were actually there with my family, celebrating my Dad’s 70th, my birthday, plus Matt and Olivia’s birthday, and my parents’ anniversary. We’re very efficient with our celebrations.

When we were last in Hilton Head four years ago, my parents enrolled us in Baer University.

But this time around, we were at Camp Baer.

Camp Baer pretty much rocked. The big agenda each day was to head to the beach. After collecting shells, boogie boarding, playing bocce ball on the sand, and getting caught up on important reading material like People Magazine, we’d head to the pool for a dip.

During the heat of the day, we’d pile into “Papa’s Bus” to go back to the house for some A/C, and brush up on our karaoke skills.

My Dad won with best performance with his rendition of “There Ain’t Nothin’ But a Houndog.” Olivia and I perfected our dance moves to “Thriller,” and we incorporated some important costumes for added effect. (Sorry Sarah… I just had to post this one.)

And this is just another reason why I love my family.

As Camp Baer was winding down to a close, we took a day trip to Savannah just to make sure Carl really got a good experience of humidity in the middle of August and some true Southern BBQ.

Rating: 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.

What we’d bring with us next time: More vacation time so we could stay longer. (Oh.. and maybe a personal mister/fan.)

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