In June, we made our way to the coast again. I know, I know… we just don’t tire of the California coast-line. Now let me tell you friends, this is the way to camp. Fancy tent-cabins with a real bed, electric blankets, Adirondack chairs with unobstructed views of nature, and super clean bathrooms. Aahh… welcome to Costanoa. I’m all for roughing it, but let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather have a nice comfy bed to sleep in?
Costanoa is 25 miles north of Santa Cruz and 25 miles south of Half Moon Bay. It was an easy hour drive for us, but it felt like we had truly escaped suburbia strip-malls. Yeah! It was truly freezing on our first day (thanks to the June gloom fog), so we couldn’t pass up a hot cup of coffee to go from the restaurant near the lodge at Costanoa. Later on in the day, I learned all about newts and became familiar with my less-than-favorite creature… the banana slug.
Seeing the slugs brought back all sorts of memories about growing up on Bainbridge Island, Washington. I know this is terrible, but as a kid, Matt and I devised all kinds of slug torture mechanisms… including fireworks. I won’t go any further, but if you’ve ever slipped after stepping on a slug in bare-feet, you will have an equal dislike for these slimy things.
On our last day, the sun appeared and we decided to check out the local farms and go berry-picking… yet another past-time growing up in Washington. If I only knew now, how much a basket of blackberries cost, I would have savored each one I picked growing up. Oh well. This farm boasted the famous ollallaberries… a hybrid of sorts. Good times.

Rating: 2 thumbs up.

What we’d bring with us next time: Friends to camp with, s’mores supplies, and some salt for the sluggies (sorry).

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