I don’t know if this counts for variety since water was still involved, but for our July “honeymoon” we didn’t go to the coast. We went to Tahoe. The “Keep Tahoe Blue” bumper sticker on the back of Carl’s truck reminds us of this glorious spot on a daily basis (except that Carl decided to get the one in Spanish – Mantega Tahoe Azul!). We stayed in Tahoma for a couple of days before joining the annual Hekkert camping trip in South Lake Tahoe/Fallen Leaf Lake.

We upgraded ourselves again from the tent-experience, and stayed in a cozy loft-cabin at Tahoma Lodge… the only pet-friendly place we could find. Yes, we took Sutter on one of our month-moon get-aways. I was a bit nervous leading up to the trip, unsure of what our crazy lab would do… but he defied the odds and was a complete champ! As you can see, he made himself quite cozy anywhere he went. Sutter informed us again that he thinks he’s human and has the right to lounge anywhere he pleases. Hmm. Dog Whisperer… what would you do?
We hiked, we biked, we swam… and Carl ran while I coached him to run faster while I rode behind him on my Oma-bike (Carl’s precious name for my awesome, cushy bike, complete with a kick-stand). And, Sutter was there for every adventure. The big news was that we taught Sutter how to swim. Wait.. don’t all labs just know? That’s what we thought, but Sutter could not be convinced to go any deeper than his chest-level… even with all of our prodding and pulling and negotiations. Carl eventually had to carry him into the lake and Sutter would swim with all of his terrified might back to me on the shore. He wanted nothing to do with the water, until he spotted a duck and his natural instincts finally kicked in. Before we knew it, he was 50 yards in the middle of the lake swimming after the duck!
We were like proud parents watching him from the sidelines as people cheered him on from the shore, knowing that he’d never actually get the bird (who was completely toying with him). Still… our hearts were happy and we were proud of our water-dog.
We ended the Tahoe trip with some ah-mazing monster s’mores. Hershey’s just needs to come out with a monster-size chocolate bar to complete this dessert masterpiece.

Rating: 2 thumbs up.

What we’d bring with us next time: Our sleeping bags, pillows and beach chairs. Thank goodness Carl’s parents left after us so they could grab these essentials for the real camping part of the trip!

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