My friends keep reminding me that I’m not going to be able to keep the name of this blog for long if I don’t start posting some things about the city. Even though I now live in the “burbs” I do still spend most of my waking time in the city each day and have had countless city experiences to blog about. But alas, I have not made time. Here’s to more city posts!

I do still ride the Muni bus every day, and while I practice my Mandarin and Spanish (as I’ve almost memorized the recorded messages that repeat on a never-ending cycle), most of the time my Muni rides are pretty uneventful. Except for last Tuesday.

My friend Kate and I boarded an express Muni bus during rush hour for our commute to small group in south San Francisco. The bus was beyond packed. The kind of packed where you don’t know who is touching or bumping into you. While standing, we held on to the metal bars above our heads and planted our feet firmly in a surfer’s stance for balance. We cruised passed Union Square and the city streets, and soon made our way to the 101 on-ramp.

Hold on a minute. We’re going to stand up while riding on the freeway? No comments about seat-belt laws here, but truly, I felt like we were in a scene from Speed. I had never seen the freeway from this vantage point before, and let’s just say, I was kind of excited. (I think it’s been too long since I’ve been on a roller coaster. Thrills come really easy for me.)  So, while holding on with one hand, I decided to snap a picture of Kate and I on this crazy adventure. And this is how the picture turned out.

Now you don’t believe my story anymore, do you? Oh well.

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