I’m seeing a theme in our “Month-Moon” get-aways. They all involve the ocean. I guess one of these days we’ll need to take a trip to Bakersfield. Or, maybe not.

For our April-Moon (yes, I understand that it’s almost June….sigh), we took a Sunday drive from Healdsburg to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse. Have you ever looked at Highway 1 on a map, and estimated the driving time not taking into account that the map doesn’t show all the twists, turns, and 15-mile-an-hour tight bends? Well, if you haven’t made it out to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, just know that it will feel like you are driving out to the end of the world. It’s a beautiful drive, but you have to suppress the 5-year-old inside of you that keeps wanting to ask, “Are we there yet?” I seriously felt like we were driving to the most western point of California, or the U.S. for the matter. And then when we were within a mile, we got stopped by a forest ranger. This isn’t a nice part of the story, but a motorcyclist didn’t judge one of those tight turns and got stuck in a barbed wire fence and was being air-lifted out. So we sat in the truck, taking in the view of the picture above, and decided to just have our picnic in the car.

Once we got to the parking lot and hiked the mile to the stairs to descend to the lighthouse, people were telling us to turn around. The lighthouse had just closed. Recall scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation at Wally World. Closed you say? Right. Carl and I leaped down the stairs, not paying attention to the rule-followers climbing back up the stairs. The forest ranger actually just laughed at us as we skipped and sprinted to touch the lighthouse first. Hey… it was a long drive and ordeal to get there. I had to at least touch the lighthouse.

This was Carl’s second time to the lighthouse, but the first time he actually got to see it. His first trip was completely surrounded by fog and he could barely see 5 feet in front of him. We lucked out with clear skies, blooming ice plant covering the hillsides, and even some whale sightings.

Rating: 1.5 thumbs up. (Next time, I’d suggest camping at Pt. Reyes to stay a bit longer.)

What we’d bring with us next time: A rubberband for my hair.

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