Marley and Me 2

Yes, folks. We are now the proud owners of a dog named Sutter. I hesitated on posting this blog until I knew Sutter had passed the trial period. After our first week with him, I wasn’t sure if I should submit a script for a movie sequel to Marley and Me. Yes, it was that exciting. To copy the MasterCard commercials, here’s a nice recap of our first week and an alarming introduction to dog-ownership.

Scrambling to get a collar, dog-tag, and crate on the Monday night he was dropped off at our house: $200

Ear-plugs to help us sleep through our first night, while Sutter whined in his crate for 6 hours straight: $2

Repairing our fence after Sutter escaped on his first day at our house while we were at work: $250

Vet bill after Sutter got his toe-nails wripped out while playing on some playground equipment: $500

Owning a dog and adding a new member to our family: priceless.

He’s a sweet 3-year-old doggie, loves kids, and adores Carl…his pack leader for sure! (Yes, we are now faithful followers of The Dog Whisperer.) We adopted Sutter from Lab Rescue (we just wish they would have prepped us a bit more…phew!). We named him after Sutter Street (where I lived in San Francisco). The crazy thing is that his original name was Bear, but since that’s Carl’s nickname for me, we thought we’d avoid confusion and change his name.  And frankly, I don’t want to have the same name as the doggie.

Sit Boo-Boo. Sit. Good boy.

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