A strong piece of marriage advice we received from our pastor was to make sure we got away for one weekend a month during our first year of marriage – just the two of us. Twist our arms… we are trying to obey. I see these getaways like an extended honeymoon… hence the “January-Moon” name was born.

Since I’ve been a little slow with the blogging lately, I figured I’d better post our January excursion before we take off for our next getaway this weekend. Perhaps these entries will be like a little travel-blog, and encourage you to go to some new places as well!

For our first excursion we headed north to Mendocino, along Highway 1. After about an hour of driving past super Wal-Marts and drive-thru Starbucks, we took a scenic route to Highway 1 past vineyards and farms and then, before our eyes, was the ocean. We could feel the frenetic pace of life just slide off our shoulders as we journeyed along Highway 1 where all we could see was ocean on one side, and beautiful green fields on the other. As we rounded a corner we came across these fine cows. I guess it is true. Happy cows do come from California. They were admiring the views just as much as we were.

After a short hike and a picnic at the Point Arena lighthouse (click on this link for the awesome sound effect). we drove through the town of Elk, and continued on our way to Mendocino. Considered California’s New England, Mendocino is a cute little town with Victorian homes, art galleries, old water towers, and lots of cozy coffee shops. It’s nestled on a coastal bluff, with a redwood forest as its backdrop. Not a bad place to stay for the weekend… even if it was rainy and cold.

The rain and cold didn’t bother us too much because we stayed at The Little River Inn which had fireplaces in each room and a covered deck with rocking chairs, overlooking the ocean. I only wish we could have stayed longer. One night was just not enough.

Rating: Two thumbs up.

What we’d bring with us next time: kayaks and bikes; wine & cheese for apps on the deck, and real half & half for my coffee (none of this powdered creamer business)

3 thoughts on “January-Moon

  1. I was just in Mendocino recently and this BandB was recomended to me. It looks great. I am glad you guys went there. I LOVE Mendocino.

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