Escape Artists

Carl loves dogs. Period. Any size, breed, or color. If he sees a dog, he cocks his head and with his dog-loving voice he says to the dog, “It’s okay. You’re a good dooogie.” I guess we make a pretty good match since I sometimes consider myself the “dog-whisperer,” but Carl is much less discriminatory in his affections. (I lean more towards the big dogs that you can hug.)

For the past year, Carl has been telling me that he’s going to get a dog. Practical me always responds with, “Are you sure? Really? How about after the wedding? Do you really want to have that responsibility right now? Don’t you want to be able to travel, be spontaneous, etc etc etc?” Poor Carl. I can be so boring sometimes. He’s reluctantly agreed to wait, but in the meantime, he’s signed up for the Lab Rescue, which sends him cute pictures of labs every other day that need to be adopted. Not a good idea. Of course he forwards me the cutest ones. And c’mon, who can say “no” to a cute lab and their hopes of being adopted? I’m starting to bend. As much as people have advised me, I think we’ll be proud dog owners sometime very soon.

But, we definitely had a dose of reality this past weekend. Knowing that we both love dogs, our friends asked if we’d dog-sit over the weekend. We thought this would be a great, low-risk opportunity to see what it was like to have dogs in our house, so we said “yes.”

Sophie and Murphy (pictured above on Murphy Street – of all names – in our “under construction” downtown Sunnyvale) are Portugese Waterdogs. Yep… Obama has one too. They got dropped off at our house on Friday morning to spend the day in our fenced in backyard. At 3:00pm on Friday, I got a call from our friend, letting me know that Sophie and Murphy had a little “excursion” and somehow escaped from our yard. Fortunately, they were discovered by a kind neighbor who was walking her dog and realized that Sophie and Murphy were escape artists. Just a little embarrassing. Our friend hadn’t even left for her trip yet, and the dogs had already escaped under our watch! Sigh. When we picked up the dogs after work, we discovered that they had pushed through one of the boards in our gate. Apparently, we’re not as prepared as we thought to take on a canine.

Dog owners… give me your feedback. Should we wait on this adoption process or move full-steam ahead? And, is there a fancy pooper-scooper option where you don’t have to pick up the yuckies with a plastic bag? Just the thought gives me the heebie-jeebies.

4 thoughts on “Escape Artists

  1. GO FOR IT!! What did you expect coming from Gigi? But, I think you should get 2 dogs to keep each other company during the day while you guys are at work. Those 2 are wonderful dogs…….except for their escape talent…..Priscilla

  2. Do it now before kiddos! If you have space for two, it would be great for them to have company during the day. We were lucky, we able to bring Bela to work with us. She is a joy to have in our lives and the boys just love her to pieces. Do it! And no, there is no other poop options, the poop bags are the ticket. And you can get them super cheap on Amazon versus pet stores 🙂

  3. Do it! You already have the fences tested out. You’ll never be 100% ready. But of course I am a bit biased. Thanks again for watching our dogs. 🙂

  4. HOLD YOUR HORSES!! (….OR DOGS!) WAIT!!! If you’re going to be going away every month and are both at work five days a week, I would advise you to WAIT! Once you get a dog, you can’t go back. And what’s a year to be footloose and fancy free? Really! Enjoy your freedom NOW! Dogs and kids will come soon enough. That’s my not-so-humble opinion.

    (Spoken by a dog owner)

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