Nestldown Reunion

This weekend, Carl and I went to our first wedding as a married couple. And, it just so happened that it was at Nestldown, where we got married. Regardless of where the wedding was, I think I would have been reflecting back on our big day… comparing the details, and mentally pressing the replay button in my mind. Being at the same location obviously enhanced the experience. I was antsy to walk down the trail to the ceremony site, reliving the glorious walk with my Dad as we approached the redwood grove and our friends and family, standing to await our arrival and walk down the aisle. Then, to stand under the arbor by the lake, which had now lost all its leaves… and to think, this is the spot where it happened – where we said “I do.”

Three months have gone by, and sometimes it’s still hard to believe that we’re actually married – that God answered this long-awaited prayer for both of us. Standing in that redwood grove, turning around and looking up the lengths of the trees to the rays of sun peering through, I was reminded again that God does hear and answer the deepest longings of our hearts.

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