Good Luck, Mr. Muni!


Today was Charles’ last day of work after 31 years as a bus driver for Muni. Some of you may remember my previous post about my morning bus driver. Ever since my engagement, he’s continued to stop traffic to pick me up when I’m running late, and he has also offered  a quick snippet of marital advice before I bound down the bus steps in the Financial District. He became a welcome addition to my morning commute.

During one of our talks, I asked him what kinds of books he likes to read. Oh, mystery books. And I like to read Christian books too. My face lit up, as I told him that I was the “Bible Girl” at work. Then our conversations turned to what we were learning and reading. What is it about that feeling, once you discover that you and someone you know both love Jesus? Well, since then, I’ve been bringing him some Christian books to read while he’s on his break too.

So, today was his last day. But my sneaking suspicion was right… he didn’t show up. He told me he might just go straight to his retirement party. I think that maybe he doesn’t like good-byes. In the event that he did come for his last Muni run on the 38BX, I decorated a bunch of candies for my fellow bus companions to give him on their way off the bus.

Charles – I wish you well on your retirement. Thanks for the memories and advice… and God Bless!

7 thoughts on “Good Luck, Mr. Muni!

  1. I love this too! I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to say good by and that he didn’t get to see what you had prepared for him. This is lovely, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. See you very soon. Norma

  2. i have tears in my eyes too – you are so thoughtful to make those candies for him!! maybe you will cross paths again one day 🙂

  3. Marls, this is the best!! I love, LOVE that you had a sweet little bus driving making an impression on your day. And i love your gift idea for him!

  4. I only hope he will remember the sweet engaged girl who brighened the last days of his career. He may be telling his versions of your precious encounters. You gave him a reason to look out for someone who truly appreciated him. See what encouraging words and smiles mean to someone? You brought a little light into his day. OX Mom

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