Color Decisions

Who knew the kind of pressure the bridal industry imposes on you when you plan for the big day? “Your wedding dress should be the dress of your dreams!” “The invitations set the tone for the entire day.” “What are your colors?” “What kind of cake will you have?” Back, back, you people, I say. These wedding monsters are haunting my dreams.

So, to keep the monster at bay, I’ve made a least one decision – my wedding colors. Why not choose the pastel colors of the rainbow? I thought this was just brilliant.

rainbow-bridesmaid4-878x1024If you have any other color ideas, please do let me know. Although, I’m not sure what could top this.

I had another creative inspiration while talking with my brother. I asked him to be in the wedding, and he said, “What part do I get play?” I told him we wanted him to play the part of the horse. He told me he’d prefer to be the goat. I think having a live nativity scene at the wedding will be so inventive and original. Once I told him there’d be a nativity, he suggested that he play the important role of the “hay.” Done and done.

2 thoughts on “Color Decisions

  1. This post is classic, Marlene! Love the nativity scene idea. If you need a hamster to be present in the manger, Grace Hannah is available (the big day is her 2nd birthday after all)!


  2. Well, the girls are lovely, but what the heck is the bride wearing? Could it be the bed?
    Martha could probably provide a baby Jesus. The possibilities are endless. =) norma

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