Those Thriller Days


I couldn’t help but blog about the loss of Michael Jackson today. One of my first cassette tapes was from The Jackson Five. I listened to his song “Ben” as many times as the rewind button would allow. When I was in the fifth grade with my bowl haircut and my matching Hunt Club outfit, in the heart of the Thriller Days, my friends and I would trade magazine pictures of Michael and even performed our own rendition of Thriller for the school talent show. And the ultimate, was the slumber party where someone had the VHS of “The Making of Thriller,” which we watched over and over and over until we drifted off to sleep in our sleeping bags. I even had a Michael Jackson button… which I “earned” after memorizing scripture verses (isn’t that right, Mom?)!! His music left such an impression on me that you’ll often see me bust out the moonwalk on occasion (it’s my favorite dance move). My friends and I even learned the Thriller moves for my 13 Going on 32 Thriller Birthday Party. So many happy memories.

It was clear that the King of Pop had a sad and lonely life during the past decade or so. But rather than going into that, I’ll leave you with this classic.

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