Remembering Uncle Stan

Magician, Fisherman, Pastor, Jokester, Golfer, Back-Packer, Competitor, Chief Nutracker, Husband, Grandpa, Friend… Uncle Stan was all of these things and so much more.  It’s still hard to imagine life without the vibrant life of Uncle Stan. He was truly a kid at heart with an infectious heart for life and others.

He won my heart at an early age when he dressed up as Santa Claus and delivered a cage-full of six baby chicks to Matt and I. Uncle Stan later passed along his love for puzzles, fishing, and his competitive spirit for any sort of game – whether it be a game of double-nine dominoes, tennis or bowling. He’d even practice his jokes on us with his stack of index cards that he’s always stash in his pocket. When I was 13, he baptized me in the pool in his backyard… and like every good pastor, we practiced our synchronized swimming afterwards. Throughout the years, we’d pester him to do a magic show, and beg for him to spill the beans on how he did the tricks. (I still have no clue.) And everytime I’d see him, we’d do our special handshakes – the Fisherman handshake, Garbage Man handshake, and Lumberjack (displayed below).  And his signature parting gift… a beautiful bag of cracked walnuts.


Regarding loss, Dallas Willard has said, “This will be a challenge to your joyful confidence in God.” But I know that Uncle Stan would want us to rejoice that he is united with his Father who has welcomed him home. What an amazing thing to meet God face to face. I can’t even imagine what joy that will bring.

We miss you and love you, Uncle Stan!

9 thoughts on “Remembering Uncle Stan

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your Uncle passed, Marlene. Thinking of you and the rest of the family. What an incredible tribute and picture – clearly a very special man.

  2. This brought tears to my ears. How wonderful that you had him in your life. I know you’ll miss him, but imagine the joy he is experiencing right now! We’ll be thinking of you and your family.

  3. Marlene, You have sucha gift for words. In such a short paragraph you suummarized our wonderful Stan. What a blessing he was to all of us. There was joy in his presence. He truly loved Jesus and life and family.

  4. M ~

    thanks for this about Dad, he was quite a guy, obviously things are just to fresh to express the right words about him, but in time…….

    thank you

    R ~

  5. Thanks Marlene for your love for Dad and your gracious thoughts.
    My lasting memory of Dad is seeing him standing on a street corner with a huge scoop of ice cream in his hand with a big ol’ smile.
    He was an awesome Dad and will be missed by all.

  6. Beautiful words Marlene, thank you. Uncle Stan brought so much to our family, I remember a time when a bunch of us cousins were bowling with Uncle Stan and there was a group of rowdy guys next to us causing all kinds of trouble. Ron and I wanted to take it outside (ha ha) but Uncle Stan spoke to the guys and a calm fell over them and the guys started to behave properly. Uncle Stan taught us all a lesson that day.
    He was an awesome Uncle!!

  7. Marlene, Such wonderful thoughts of Uncle Stan. His memory and legacy will live on forever in all of us. He was one of a kind. He will be greatly missed but at the same time we are rejoicing that he is in the presence of our Lord!

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