Buns in the Oven

There will probably need to be several posts to catalog the recent road trip to Southern California, so I’ll just start from the very beginning. Julie Andrews always said the beginning is always “a very good place to start.” Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

weddingOne of the many highlights from the trip was going to Carolyn & Liam’s wedding at the Santa Barbara Zoo. We were greeted by Toucan Sam on the way in, and even got to say “hi” to the giraffes. Too bad I built up the famous crooked-necked giraffe to Carl, to find out the poor giraffe had died. Carl cried a little, but he recovered. 

pregosI also got to connect with many great friends from my old homegroup, and 3 friends who all have buns in the oven – Leslie, Martha, and Andrea!

zooAnd in case you didn’t believe me… here are the giraffes. I’m glad we got all dressed up for them. I’m sure they enjoyed the live band Senior Year!

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