International Food Tour

One of the many things I love about San Francisco is the diversity of ethnic food. I truly think you can get almost anything here. There’s even an Eritrean Restaurant down the street. (In case you’re wondering, that’s in Africa.) Yep, I’m bragging about the good food.

Here’s a recent culinary tour I took with a few friends…

stephWhen Steph & Tammy came to visit, I introduced them to Burmese food at Burma Superstar in the Inner Richmond District. This place usually has a 2-hour wait because it is soooo good. The Tea Leaf Salad has been talked about on The Food Network. Yummy. The next night we went out for Spanish tapas at Zarzuela on Russian Hill. 

ethiopianInjera, anyone? The next stop was Ethiopian food at Axum Cafe on Lower Haight with Matt (who came up for work), Wendy and Carl. Seeing that most restaurants in the city have a major wait time, Wendy called ahead to see if we needed reservations.  We laughed when we actually walked in the doors. Besides us, there were two other people and a loud soccer match blaring from the TV above the bar. Did we make a bad choice? No.. the food was so tasty! We’re not quite sure what we ordered, as it all just appeared on this huge plate. The restaurant’s big selling point is that “when you get tired of utensils, come here!” Aren’t you just sick of forks? Ummm.. maybe not. Probably not a good first date place, as you eat everything with your hands, scooping up the dishes with pieces of Injera (a spongey-like tortilla). 

coffeeI’m going to say this place is a French Bakery. La Boulange sounds kind of French, right? I got Matt hooked on the butter and lattes that this place serves up in lower Pacific Heights, the last time he came for a visit. In fact, this place is what convinced him to come into the city. I think this place comes in at a close second after spending time with his sister, right Matt?

normaLastly, Norma & Dave (Martha’s parents), stopped off in San Francisco during the tour of the California Missions. I introduced them to pumpkin curry at Osha Thai near the Embarcadero, downtown. Now, I never saw pumpkin curry served when I was in Thailand, but it sure is goooood.

One thought on “International Food Tour

  1. Hi,
    We’re back, was a long and fun trip. We started it out with the perfect event–an evening with you. Was great to see you, you look beautiful. Your weekend with the girls went well, I see. =) Love to you, Norma

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