And the Tune is…Thriller!

I finally made it to Tahoe to go snowboarding! Carl and I headed up there for a Young Life leader/committee get-away at their Mountain Lodge. After taking a Young Life defensive driving course and test (no joke… and no, it’s not okay to speed to YL Club if you’re running late), I drove a 12-passenger van with 10 others, and a bunch of sleeping bags, skis and gear.


The next day we headed to Sugar Bowl for idyllic conditions – fresh powder and not a cloud in the sky. I was actually warm, and my toes stayed happy. Carl and Lily were super patient with the “blue girl” (that’s me) as I psyched myself up for each blue run. I needed Martha… big time. I was like the little engine that could: I think I can, I think I can. Snow boarding is definitely a thrill, but it’s absolutely terrifying at the same time! 

lilyThat evening we got to be a part of a Young Life club – fun songs, an amazing skit/dance routine performed by Matt & Lily, and of course, a slightly messy game of Name that Tune. Carl and I got called up front, as well as another guy-girl combo. Carl sat in a chair with a big pot on his head, while I stood behind him with a wooden spoon. If you guessed the name of the tune, you banged on the pot with your wooden spoon. If you didn’t get the song, you had to put a blow-pop in your mouth. I ended up with 5 in my mouth before completely gagging and drooling all over myself. Yep…we weren’t too skilled at the game. But I must brag and let you know that I did get the most important song after hearing only 2 notes… Thriller! This video is kind of long… but if nothing is good on TV, take a look. Hope it makes you laugh!

6 thoughts on “And the Tune is…Thriller!

  1. I am proud of you on so many levels! You braved snowboarding again…how’s your butt and knees? And you got Thriller in a nano-second. Impressive. Also impressive, that Carl would sit with a pot on his head and let you hit it with a spoon. 🙂

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