Two Christmases

This film never made it into the theaters. It went straight to DVD. In case you missed it, or you can’t get it on Netflix… here’s a recap.

Scene 1: The Struggle

lost-luggageWhere, oh where, is my luggage? Carl & I had a very interesting flight on Southwest Airlines en route to Palm Desert for Christmas #1. It was Amazing Race mixed with Meet the Parents. We were on time for our original flight… but we were rushed onto an earlier one. The flight crew was knocking on the door of the plane to open it up and let us on… our bags never made it… and my parents found toothbrushes and clothes for us to wear until our bags arrived 24 hours later.

Scene #2: The Triumph

2-hole-in-oneWho said girls can’t jump? Still “luggage-less” … we ventured onto the 18-hole putting course near my parents’ house. This was my first hole-in-one… EVER! My Dad got Olivia her own pink putter for Christmas, so we had to try it out.

Scene #3: The Mystical Land

3-bearMy luggage arrived! So… we went off to visit the nocturnal animals at the Living Desert, and saw lots and lots of lights. We couldn’t resist taking a picture with the Baers with the Bear.

Scene #4: The Competition


More leisure sports. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in Palm Desert? We even got a lesson from a true Bocce Ball star from Italy (no.. not Matt).

Scene #5: Some Inclement Weather


6-joshua1Carl & I hiked with my parents in the snow and cold winds of Joshua Tree National Park. We lost Carl for a bit. As you can see, he found a great hiding spot behind this Joshua Tree. 

Scene #6: My First Dutch Christmas – A Great Finale

7-h-m-dutchWhat’s not to love about getting chocolate in your initials and finding chocolate wreaths to eat off of the Christmas tree? I loved the Dutch traditions, and the surprise guest – Sinta Klaus.


3 thoughts on “Two Christmases

  1. So cute! Love all the photos. What really upsets me though, is that I don’t know your outfits anymore. The last outfit is a babe!

  2. Fun pictures of a happy time. And….I love Joshua Tree National Park. One of my favorite places. Hope you’re having fun with Martha. Happy New Year! norma

  3. Hi, Marlene!

    I have added your blog to my list to follow. I am sure it will be loads of entertainment, compared to my entries! I would love to hear how things are going with you when you have the time.

    We are doing well. I am finally feeling more settled into motherhood – much more balanced than when you were visiting! I plan to see you for sure the next time!

    Love, Amelia

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