O Christmas Tree

wendy-treeLadies and Gentlemen… let me finally introduce you to Wally, the Christmas Tree. Wendy and I picked this D.F. (aka Douglas Fir) up at the Marina Middle School with the assistance of Wally, the tree-cutter. We thought that was a fitting name for our tree as well. He was soft and fluffy (not sure that’s a good quality to have in a Christmas tree), and he smelled good too. 

red-treeNow, let me introduce you to the Bank of America Christmas tree. I might have to say that this one is even more impressive than the Union Square tree… mostly because of the number of lights. If Martha were here, she would have applauded this one. (In the Santa Barbara days, we used to drive by our favorite lighted tree and applaud each Christmas season.) This year, I actually had to feel this tree to see if it was real. It was. 

carl-treeNext… Carl and I chopped down a tree in Half Moon Bay. Standing in the lot, the tree looked much smaller… then when we brought it back to his house it turned into the Griswold Tree. The top smushed on the ceiling like it had a broken neck. We then made a “saw run” to his parents’ house, and chopped a good 2 feet off. 

The tree cutting, selecting, and decorating is definitely one of my favorite Christmas traditions. What about you? Now that Christmas is officially over, I’d love to hear some of your traditions as well!

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