Santa Barbara Came to Visit

I’m so thankful for the many friends who’ve journeyed up the 101 to come visit me in the city. Even if it’s just for a quick cup of coffee, it’s nice to be “home” with good friends. Here are a few of my latest visitors.

Brad, Megan, Ian, Jeremy and Molly McCarter met me for ice cream at Ghiradelli Square.Hmm… wonder if that chocolate syrup kept the boys up all night? 

Their highlight of the day was taking the Muni Bus. Here’s Ian, waiting for the bus while sitting on top of a garbage can with all of his toys stuffed inside his beanie. Classic.

On Mandy’s way to Lake Tahoe, we had lunch at the Ferry Building. Nothing like a fun friend visit to break up the work day!

Ruth also had a business trip to the city… so I took her on a tour of a few of my favorite discoveries: Nick’s Crispy Taco’s on Polk Street (taco bar by day, nightclub by night… the place is hilarious), and then to The Grove on Fillmore for an iced latte.

I’m becoming a better tour guide each time… so come on up!

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