Camping is in Tents

Yesterday I was telling a friend of mine about my recent camping trip to Tahoe. I was sharing about how relaxing it was, and at one point in the conversation I said that sometimes “camping is intense.” She added, “no pun intended, right?” Took me a while to realize what I had said. Duh. But isn’t it true? Camping is in TENTS. hmm. And just to prove it, here’s a picture of one.

Carl’s nieces decorated my tent with streamers for my birthday. I, of course, freaked out in the middle of the night because I thought there were bears sniffing my tent… but no, it was just the streamers blowing in the wind.

Another “Before” picture. We conquered Mount Tallack in Tahoe one day.

After! Oh wait… we still had to hike 5 miles back down.

Good thing I learned all about scaring away the mountain lions on our hike by watching Parent Trap.

4 thoughts on “Camping is in Tents

  1. The friend you were telling about your camping trip sounds incredibly witty and insightful!

    Oh, what a joy it must be to know her…! 😉

    Cracked up at the Parent Trap reference, too…I’d know that pose anywhere… Hopefully no lizards made it into your mouth, though?

  2. Hi Marlene,

    The camping pictures were great! YOu are so funny!! I loved the Parent Trap picture. I started laughing just thinking about that beauty queen in the movie!! Ha! Mom

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