The Wig Olympics

No need to search to find the Wig Olympics. Bob Costas is not going to cover it. No worries though. I’ve got it all right here. The official date of competition for this prestigious sport was the day after the Opening Ceremonies, complete with Wig Registration and John Williams and the Boston Pops’ rendition of the Olympic theme song. We had the following events:  Shakira, Billy Ray Cyrus, Greg Brady, Gloria Gaynor and the Biathlon (in case someone wore a wig + costume). The gold medal ceremony was tearful, as you might expect. 

Since everyone likes a “before” and “after” shot… here you go.


The party planners: Wendy, Lori, Natalie, and I. We went with a Beijing theme.

Next Step: Hair Nets


And then this guy showed up.


5 thoughts on “The Wig Olympics

  1. Forest Hump is the sequel to Forest Gump. Nice typo Shan! Actually… you need to guess what biblical character Carl is trying to be.

  2. ¿Quién es ese animal al lado de usted? ¿Dónde está su novio? En mi país que el pelo no es permitido en público

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