UB What?

So… what was your first concert? That’s always a favorite question of mine to ask people when I first meet them (especially when they respond with “New Kids on the Block”). Mine was UB40 at the age of 14. My brother had quite the affinity to everything reggae and dreadlocks, and I followed along as an eager fan as well. The concert was in Seattle, and my brother and a friend and I all had 3rd level balcony seats… but we had a glimmer of hope that our luck would turn. We had a another friend in the front row willing to elbow people aside so we could rush the stage at the opening song, which we did. Not bad for my first concert experience to be in the front row, singing my heart out.

Now jump ahead 20 years. Carl surprised me this week with tickets to see UB40 in concert again. They were just as good as I had remembered… and it was everything a concert should be. (You can go ahead and laugh, but they were truly great.) People were dancing the entire time, there was a complete trumpet section, and they played all my favorites.

Here’s some UB40 for you. I would have posted “Red, Red Wine” but you could only hear the middle-aged crowd singing along.

One thought on “UB What?

  1. thats awesome. wish we were there. our favorite part was when you panned over to carl at the end… but we wanted to see some dancing! –matt and sarah

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