Winter in July

There’s something drastically wrong when the high for the day is only 55 degrees. Yes, I’m experiencing my first summer in San Francisco. I actually just got corrected that it’s my first winter in the city. Around here, winter happens in July. It is cold! People are wearing beanies and polar fleeces and scarves during the day, and I saw a woman wearing a turtle-neck on the bus today. It’s just plain wrong. After work I decided to go on a walk down to the water to take in a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It had disappeared! All I saw was an enormous fog bank. It was as if the bridge never existed! argh.

Fortunately, we have had some incredible sunny days here…. so there is hope. Below are some pictures from a kickball tournament at Chrissy Field, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. A record 90-degree day in the city (back in April). I will dream of sun, no wind or fog, and balmy days…. all which I hope will be in my future soon.

One thought on “Winter in July

  1. Oh my dear! Have you forgotten summers in the Pacific Northwest? Today is cloudy, rainy, and cold. High is SUPPOSED to be 60, but who could know! AND it’s Seafair weekend. Oh well, perhaps we’ll have a few more summer days. One can hope. =) Norma

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