Mind the Gap, Please

So, I did something “not Marlene-like.” Yes, I was spontaneous. Not that I don’t have a spontaneous bone in my body, but I’m definitely more of the planner type. So, a week ago I bought a ticket to London to join my Dad at his last business trip at Wimbledon. And, here I am! For his first time in 12 years of coming to this tournament, my Dad was able to watch a full day of tennis uninterrupted. We watched Venus Williams, Andrew Murray (the locals favorite), and Andy Roddick battle it out and eventually lose to our dismay! But, we cheered ourselves up with the traditional strawberries and cream, and it was delish! (Yes, my friends, anytime you pour straight cream on something, it’s got to be a good thing.) And for the first time in 12 years, my Dad took the tube (Underground) with me to Wimbledon. He did a great job of “minding the gap.”


2 thoughts on “Mind the Gap, Please

  1. What fun to read about your adventure with your wonderful dad and my loving husband!!!! It just puts the biggest smile on my face to think about you together at this memorable moment. It will be a treasure for the both of you for many years to come. Lovingly, mom

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