Bikes, Bridges, Beckham, and North Beach


So, you probably didn’t think you’d see Beckham’s name twice on my blog. Well, if you can bend it, I guess you’re allowed a little extra attention. 

Krista came up for an adventurous weekend: dinner at Weird Fish (a whole in the wall restaurant in the Mission, with doughnut appetizers from the next door bakery), biking across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito… and almost being knocked over by the wind in the process.

(Hey.. now that I’ve walked, biked and driven across the Golden Gate Bridge in a convertible… what’s next? Maybe I’ll try kart-wheeling.)


That night, we went to Oakland to watch the LA Galaxy destroy the San Jose Earthquakes. I know.. I should have been cheering for the Earthquakes, but that was tough to do when Beckham was clearly on the other team. Carl was also a celebrity with his orange Holland sweatshirt… random strangers were giving him High-Fives. (If you didn’t know, Holland is kicking some bootie in the European Cup.)

On Sunday, Krista and I explored the North Beach festival… from China Town to Little Italy to the public transportation on Muni, Krista really got a good sense that she was not in Santa Barbara anymore.

3 thoughts on “Bikes, Bridges, Beckham, and North Beach

  1. Marlene forgot to mention, does anyone know of a greyhound she could adopt? Preferably a retired race track greyhound?

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