Sha Na Na Na

Hey, hey, hey… goodbye. Sadness for me. Diane is moving from San Francisco to Chico! She was my Google Maps in the flesh when I first moved here.. plus her place became my hotel, storage unit, and place of refuge when I was overwhelmed with my move. I’m going to miss her!

Diane is one of the most generous people I know. Here’s a typical conversation. Me: “Diane… what a cool looking Timbuktu bag.” Diane: “Oh… why don’t you have it?” Me: “umm… what?? I just thought it was a cool bag. You don’t need to give it to me.” Diane: “Oh.. take it. I have another one.” Or… Me: “Diane.. I don’t GET this Blackberry thing. I’m a caveman, and I don’t get these new techie devices.” Diane: “Oh here.. give it to me.” (Clickety, click, click, etc, etc…. and it’s programmed before I can blink.) Or.. Me: “I’m wiped from this week.” Diane: “Oh come on over… and I’ll make you a huge steak and potatoes dinner, and you can fall asleep on my couch.” She is great. Chico is lucky to have her!!

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