Suitcase Adventures

My suitcase had a 2-day break from the North Carolina trip before it was packed again for a long overdue visit to Santa Barbara for Memorial Weekend. It was a full weekend of seeing friends, celebrating Audrey and Duane’s wedding, and giving Carl the “my favorite things in Santa Barbara tour.”

The Johnsens!

Yes! It’s official!

Enjoying the sites at I’Madonnari.

Then… the suitcase had no break, but a quick change-eroo from beach-wear to business attire for a book convention in the suburbs of Chicago. The good news was that Brooke rescued me from the confines of the 70’s resort hotel. Thanks Brooke!

Moments before and after this photo, Brooke and I were in an “attack of the killer bugs” scene. We did a good job faking it for this picture though.

The suitcase adventures continued from the Chicago-O’Hare airport to San Francisco. After arriving almost 2 hours late, I made a mad dash to meet up with some friends for a movie. With my trusty suitcase in tow, I ran to BART, hailed a cab, and charged up the stairs in the dark theater (as if it were normal to be carrying a suitcase rather than some popcorn) and made it into my seat just as the words “Feature Presentation” made it onto the screen. Mission accomplished. I think my suitcase may want to retire now.


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